Want to know what insurance we offer?

Here you go…

Life Insurance:  A term that in reality should be deemed as “death” insurance.  This type of insurance pays out in the event of the death of the policyholder within a term specified under the contract. The payment is normally in a lump sum.

Will writing:  We pay for our client’s Wills to make sure your wishes are honoured in the event of your death, your estate divided as desired, and trustees are appointed if requested.

Family Income Benefit: This is again a death policy but differs from a Life Insurance policy.  In most cases, this is used as an option for a policyholder to set up monthly payments to any dependants in the event of their death to help with continued repayments of the mortgage and bills.

Critical Illness Cover:  This is an insurance that protects you in life so if you are sadly someone who is diagnosed with a CI (Critical illness) which is medically diagnosed as Cancer, Heart Attack, or a Stroke this policy is designed to protect you and assist you in the cost of treatment, adjustments to living and earnings depending on the cover of protection undertaken.

Income Protection:  An insurance that protects you from loss of income in the event of an accident or an illness within the terms agreed.  This insurance pays you a % of your salary which is designed by your budget to ensure you can keep on top of your mortgage repayments and or bills depending on the term and policy amount.

For more details visit our insurance section:  https://mtge.uk/insurance

Article wrote:  24/02/22.  Please note that details may change like all things over time in life! We recommend that you always seek advice from a professional when it comes to making financial decisions about your life whilst living and in the event of your passing, to ensure you can always keep with any financial commitments you have in place to protect your nearest and dearest from incurring any of your debts.

Sadly if you do not keep up your mortgage repayments your home could be repossessed.

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