Could you be saving money on your mortgage?

What is a healthy mortgage?

A healthy mortgage is one which you can comfortably afford and that works for you, a bit like taking out the best mobile phone deal based on tariff costs.

If you feel stuck in a mortgage, and you feel like you are living in what feels more like a prison than home then you might be missing a trick.

There are many ways of looking at things and choosing an option that works for you will always come down to your circumstances.

For instance, if you have had a change in financial circumstances, had kids one of you (if you are in a partnership is on leave), then trying to remortgage may seem near impossible.


If you are coming to the end of a fixed rate with your mortgage lender, and about to go on your lender’s SVR (standard variable rate), you may simply be able to look at doing a product transfer, which just means changing to a different product with your current lender that suits your needs.

The biggest message here is just to reach out.  How do you know if you can improve the health of your finances and mortgage costs without asking?

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Article wrote:  April 12th, 2022

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