What type of cover do you need?

Firstly, we’d love to congratulate you on securing a mortgage

When you secure a mortgage on a property you do not actually own that home until you have completely paid back what you owe to your lender, meaning if you get sick, have an accident, or get ill you still need to pay your lender.

If you have a joint mortgage and one of you passes, you still need to pay the lender.

We feel a moral duty to want to protect our clients, as helpers in securing you potentially the biggest debt of your life.

We also have a duty of care to the lender that we help secure the debt with for you to protect their money on loan to you.

Even though buildings insurance is the only technically mandatory protection a lender insists on you have in place.

We are aware that many of us out there including ourselves certainly could not afford to live on £99.35 per week Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) if you’re to ill to work for 28 weeks paid by an employer.

You are under no obligation to take out insurance with us, but we offer a fully advised service to all of our clients for free because we care about protecting you.

We respect we are all different, and if you are somebody who is not concerned about how they will continue to repay their loan in the event of an accident, illness, or death of a partner please click on the option here for details for building insurance.

We won’t charge you a fee for our services relating to insurance. We will receive commission from the product provider. The commission will be calculated as a proportion of the premiums paid for the insurance product