The Aftercare Package

“Looking after you for life”

We are so proud to be the first mortgage advisors to recognise that there was a gap in the market, from the point of a mortgage contract being signed.

We did not want to just see you sign away on perhaps one of the biggest deals on your life, and for you not to be protected.

Would you buy a car without a warranty, a phone without insurance, do a bungee jump without the rope?

We feel a responsibility to you as the customer to protect all that matters to you in this life.

This is why we created the free after care package


1.           Introductory mortgage advisory stage: this is a Fact-finding exercise of your personal needsinterests. 

2.           The research lender phase. We search for the best loan based on your lifestyle needs

3.           We discuss with you what loans we have found and discuss whether this covers your needs before finalising.

4.           Our after team call to discuss how you feel the service has been so far, and see whether what is available for you to protect not just the property you have secured, but also to protect your income, business, life health and family needs as part of free care package

**Think of us as like the TLC package you receive when buying a new mini. We are here as your warrantee! We insure all your unique needs from house, to home, to health, to business, and all the people around you that matter most in life.

Each year we review your personal circumstances and adjust accordingly to your lifestyle with each changing year to make sure you are nurtured, insured and protected for life.

“Honest, transparent clear advice, protecting you for life”