Triple-glazing with solar panelling – genius!

This product just makes so much eco-sense!  We could not resist slipping into this genius solution.

The geek in me loves the geek in you!

“Transparent laminate solar photovoltaic (PV) glass that can be used like any glazing product for roofing, facades, and structures. As a window glazing it performs like conventional glass but with the added benefits of superior g and u thermal values as well as generating renewable energy to directly power the building or structure – it will also reduce thermal gains and therefore air conditioning loads with g-values of around 0.24. When fabricated into an insulated unit, the product can achieve U-values of or below 1 W/m2K. The glass operates in the same way as the panels on roofs, with the added benefit of allowing natural light through to the area underneath”. Taken from:

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Articlewritten:   30/12/23

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