The soaring cost of house prices


“And when they were up, they were up”!

As property prices continue to soar to astonishing rates, what does that mean for the first-time buyer?

Don’t be disheartened there are some great mortgage options still out there for you, especially for those who wish to secure a new build.

For those who long for the house with the white picket fence there are still options available for you also.  Generation X is a whole new way of mortgaging properties in this country and will allow for families to help support their families where they can in helping their loved ones secure a home.

The big message here is do not despair without the knowledge you are living in the dark.  All you need to do is reach out for the answers to shine the flight on hope and possibility.


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Article written:  January 27th, 2023

Please be aware the details of this article are appropriate from the time it was written, therefore any information given after this date may have changed.

Be aware that if you are unable to keep up your mortgage repayments you may lose your home.  We are professional mortgage brokers with a joint knowledge of 75 years.  If you have any mortgage-related questions feel free to drop us a line at:

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