The light in the dark –inside knowledge is everything for UK House Prices

What goes up always comes down at some point, that is inevitable. 

What is not being mentioned here is the predicted UK House price, market growth for 2025. So, why now we could face a dip, and you only have to look at the formula which leads us there with all the rises in tax, etc  It is also equally said that property house prices are set to rise.

For instance, according to the mainstream forecast by Savills, the following property price value is predicted to happen for the property prices in the Northwest.

  1. A 8.5% dip in 2023
  2. A 22.2% rise in 2024
  3. A 11.7% rise in 2025

We see this as an opportunity for people to get on the property ladder, or to increase their property portfolio to potentially create future financial stability.  A window of opportunity.  There is always a light in the dark, it’s about trying to see the moments in the storm that will provide you with the most hope.

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Remember there are more ways than just trying to secure a mortgage alone or as a couple in the market now, many people are investing in property with friends and relations in an effort to secure the stability of their future.

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