Lets get dirty and talk fees
We could save you as much as £3300, that the hideous amount some brokers may charge and they could be on the high street or £990 and then oh gosh an administration fee of say £150, and then a cup tea fee, sorry that’s free after all you have just paid for it.
And then what’s really naughty …….The hidden loaded premium, much the same as the filled potato skin, it’s the increased premium you pay on your insurance ….. its stealth and smelly. Where is it on your life insurance ……… SO ASK THE QUESTION IS IT A LOADED PREMIUM….the mistress

The recommended conveyancer, really ! who gets the kick back, is it really as transparent as water.
The friends
You know the one at the bar first to drink and last to buy, the one who gains but never shares, who gets a share of your commission, or fee.
We are no fee in 99.9 of all cases, you see we charge those where its complex or where our experience has given us the right to charge those who want company buy to lets or want a portfolio re jigged and we put it where our mouth is No lifetime fee]

No administration fee
No research fee
No brokers fee
No tea fee
Its free……