What is Life Insurance?

Life insurance, all be a bit crude but will only pay out when you die and on most policies when your terminally ill.
There are a couple of different options that we can look at depending on the length and term of your mortgage to make the cover specific to your exact needs, and the needs of any loved ones too.
Life insurance is commonly taken out and used to cover the costs of any outstanding debts should anything sadly happen to you, or if you have a joint mortgage with a partner and you want to make sure nobody is left with any unpaid debt such as your mortgage.

What is Family Income Benefit?

This is very useful for a lot of families. It pays out on the death of one or both parents. Unlike life insurance which tends to pay out in a bulk sum, a FIB is like a monthly salary that is designed to be set up to cover the costs of any bills should one or both of you die. You can also decide for a child to then receive the FIB.

About Jamie

I have both life insurance in place to pay the mortgage off and a FIB policy in place. As I have 3 children and have set it up to provide an income if one of us dies. This will allow the family to receive an amount each month (around the cost of the highest earner to the survivor) until my youngest reaches an age where by he would be looking to fly the nest. This is protecting them by allowing them to fill the fridge, pay bills and keep a roof over their heads until my youngest is old enough to be self sufficient (I hope).


We are here to guide you through the process with no charge to really work on what insurances feel right for you, and any dependants you may have needs.