Credit Ladder maybe able to help me stop renting

If you are stuck in renting but planning on getting a mortgage, then you really need to read this article!

Did you know that there are no credit agencies that track your rental payments.

What does this mean?

Well when you apply for a mortgage a mortgage lender has no way of checking whether you have made regular payments on your rent, and therefore many applicants who presume that they can use their rental agreement as proof of being able to afford a mortgage find that they get declined or a mortgage.  Never fear the Credit Ladder are here!

Who are they?

Read on…

Starling (the mobile bank) have teamed up with Credit Ladder to let you use your monthly rent payments to help build up your credit score!  Hurrah!

The service sends reports of your rent payments directly to Experian, and Equifax.  They are hopeful that by providing proof of a regular outgoing payment, you will be rewarded with a better credit score and increase your chances of being accepted for your first mortgage.

So, what is Credit Ladder?

Well, we highly recommend that you click on the link: to find out more today!

Article written:  22/03/22.  Please be aware that facts and figures always change over time.  For free impartial mortgage and protection advice contact the team today.

Please be aware that sadly failure to make mortgage repayments can result in the repossession of your home.  Always seek professional advice.

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