house prices increasing

House Prices are on the increase, not the decrease according to Rightmove

You only have to tap a postal code into a Zoopla report to see that this headline can be backed up by your own findings.  Personally, where I live my house price has raised by 11% since moving in, in March of last year!

The price increase is not predicted to drop according to Opulent invest and Savills report either, in fact, the house prices are predicted to rise to…dah, dah, dah daaaaaah…

As you can see, if this prediction is right house prices growth is predicted to rocket to a whopping 18%, seeing the average property price grow to an astonishing £92k!

If you are wondering how you can get on the property ladder, or looking to invest for your future, or perhaps help a friend or a family member by doing a joint investment or guarantor option then just reach out.  We are a fee-free broker in most instances unless you fall under the complex solution.  That being said our advice is always free, and we will never charge you a fee without you knowing whether something is going to fall into the complex solution category without you knowing.

Just know there are so many mortgage solutions and options out there for you when you know where to go.

Article written:  January 17th, 2023

Please be aware the details of this article are appropriate from the time it was written, therefore any information given after this date may have changed.

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