The Help-to-Buy Payback Scheme

If you are an owner of a property which you used a Help-to-Buy Equity Government loan to purchase we may be able to help you save money, and help you pay back the government their equity shares of your property, giving you full home-ownership.

Why would you want to do this?

If your property has raised in value since you took out your loans, financially you could be in a much stronger position.

Full home-ownership (meaning no outstanding equity loan with the government) allows you access to better mortgage deals, which could very well help with your monthly bills and pay off any outstanding loans quicker.

And the best thing. Our in-house team of Mortgage brokers has access to our own surveyors and solicitors who have worked with Target, who is responsible for allowing you to take back what we believe is yours. Full home-ownership.


The Help to Buy Payback Scheme

We are proud to be pioneers of full home-ownership for Help-to-buy homeowners.

We work with some of the leading partners in the field 


Yes.  Stair-casing is a commonly used process to help people gain 100% of their property.

Stair-casing is a process that allows you to build the percentage share that you own on your home, so if you currently own a percentage it’s a process that allows you to aim towards having 100% ownership of your dapibus leo.

There is a cost of the additional shares that you are buying back, so it’s important that you understand the fees that are involved and it’s our job to keep you aware.

Everybody’s case is different, but it is wise to factor in the following estimated costs:

This valuation is valid for 3 months only, should you need additional valuation this will be charged as following, with the original surveyor.

Solicitor and conveyancing fees
Re-mortgaging fees, vary from lender to lender.
Depending on the value of your additional fees you may be required to pay Stamp Duty.

If you have savings that can pay for your additional shares there may be no changes to your current mortgage repayments unless you change products or re-mortgage with another lender.

If you do not have any savings to pay for additional shares, then our experienced team will be able to advise you on what is the best financial option for you based on your current lender’s terms. For instance, you may be able to extend your existing mortgage or re-mortgage with a lender that can offer you a better deal.

  • You can make repayments at any time
  • Repayments must be at least 10% of your home’s current market value
  • Staircase payments may be subject to other criteria set by your lender
  • Every time you want to make a share repayment, an independent valuer must assess your property – and you’ll have to pay for this.

After the initial interest-free six-year period some people use a new mortgage product to repay the Help to Buy equity government loan. Be aware that by doing so you are increasing the size of your mortgage, but you will also be open to more lenders who could provide a better deal for you. This we can help you find.
BE AWARE: house price inflation could make it more expensive in the future.
For more information on how you can re-mortgage your Help to Buy visit:
Some owners re-mortgage to repay the equity loan if their property has increased in value. Be aware that a new mortgage deal may mean an increase in monthly fees.

  • You will need to pay an admin charge of £115 as an admin fee to Homes England
  • Homes England needs to approve any increase in your first charge mortgage
  • The money you pay back on the equity loan through stair-casing or if you sell will be dependent on the most recent RICS valuation of the property.
  • Not all lenders offer mortgages on Help to Buy homes. If you want to re-mortgage to get a better deal, while keeping the Help to Buy equity loan, you’ll find a much smaller range of products available to you.
Help to buy repyment scheme lady

To help you on your quest to full ownership we are here for you no matter how long it takes.  We have set up 10-year plans for some of our customers to help them gain full ownership.

For example:

If you have a Help-to-Buy Equity share of 55% owned by you, and 40% owned by the government.

We can set up a re-mortgage to staircase a 10% share every 2 years over 8 years to help you gain full home-ownership.

Subject to affordability and assessment.

The MTGE Customer Loyalty: Help-to-Buy Payback Scheme

What our loyalty program entails:

Reminders of payment plans in place and when the next application is due
Full administrative duties and liaising with lenders to maintain stair casing plan
Contact with a surveyor, solicitor, and Target to commence purchase share commitment
Our continued support and advice

Not only this, as a valued customer we provide fee-free insurance advice to help you protect your mortgage by protecting any income stream you may have, and the health and lives of any dependants.

The Help to Buy Equity Loan scheme will close to new applications at 6pm on 31st October 2022

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