Property prices and first time buyers

Don’t miss the property boat!

Dream of buying your own home but cannot make your finances work.

Many people feel like it’s an impossibility with the lowest property prices average now set at £290k for those trying to make it work as a singleton, or a couple may feel like it’s an impossibility alone.

Well, you’d be right if you are just looking to yourself for the answers.

This is where MTGE can help you.  We provide outside-of-the-box solutions for you that you may not have heard of.

For instance.  If you are looking to buy a home but cannot make it work with yourself, a friend or a partner, then an option is to split it three or four ways.  This option is becoming the way for people to jump on the property ladder before another property hike.

For more information just reach out.

We offer free consultations!

We are here to shine the light-dark people, so let’s get you secure, and lay foundations that we hope could potentially make you all money in the future.

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