Do you feel the cost of living is out of control

The cost of living and your mortgage

It’s clear to write that we are certainly living in an unpredictable world.  The rising costs have created a great strain for many a household

The facts: Since September the price of most essentials has rocketed. According to the latest UK economic outlook report from PwC, British households are set to be £900 worse off this year in a “historic fall” in living standards. It found that inflation will hit 8.4% later this year.

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If the rest of Europe can protect the poorest from rising bills, why can’t Britain?

Helen Barnard, the associate director of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, an anti-poverty group, told Sky News

“We know the majority of people in poverty now are in working households. One of the problems is that too many jobs are not just low-paid, but they’re insecure – you don’t know what money you’re getting one week to the next, you don’t get sick pay; you don’t get protection if something goes wrong. People are struggling to afford the essentials and have to rely on charities for toothpaste and toilet rolls. It’s humiliating for a lot of people.”

If you are struggling you are not alone.  There is no reason why we should be living in fear when it comes to protecting our homes if we have a mortgage and insuring ourselves.

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Article wrote:  April 12th, 2022

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