Critical Illness Cover

What happens to your mortgage if you become critically ill?

Such a horrible subject, but the reality according to the latest stats that between you and I 1 of us will suffer a cancer related disease in our lifetime…Now just think about that and digest it…think about how that would impact your life…not just your health, but the others around you…would your income stop?  Would your employer pay you your full wage and for how long?  Would you be able to take the time needed to attend appointments, to recover?  Would you have the money needed to make any improvements needed to your home?  How would your partner cope if you have one, could they financially support your lifestyle, or drop things to take care of you and attend your appointments? How would your kids or pets be affected?

How would you pay the mortgage????

Nobody at all likes to consider any of this, it’s not nice, it is depressing but it is a reality that unexpected things happen wouldn’t you rather be prepared than not!

Therefore, we provide this free service for all our mortgage clientele.  We do not want to see you struggle in life or worry unnecessarily.
We want to know that you and your loved ones are safe and protected, and after helping you secure the home you wanted, we now want to see you keep it.  Not see the bank take it all from you if you are not prepared for life’s challenges.

Our advice is free. 
We make time for you because we want too.

MTGE – We Care

To find out whether Critical Illness Cover (CIC) or an insurance to protect your income (income protection) is right for you simply speak to one of us for free…We don’t bite!