Welcome to the MTGE Academy

We are MTGE and like our slogan says we care and that is our true secret weapon when it comes to selling

You may have embarked on an exciting new career in the world of mortgages and insurance and have the enthusiasm of a greyhound when it comes to chasing the business, however without the right techniques all your energy and enthusiasm might get lost without direction.

Relying on social media trends, watching webinars, or endless network training workshops will not necessarily close those sales for you, or teach you how to build real customer relationships which can lead to referrals and repeat business.

Going solo is exciting, an adventure that should be embraced, but if you have been used to the structure of a business supporting you, sometimes the lack of structure can knock your confidence and create confusion and doubt.  We all need to grow, so why do it alone?

We offer honest advice as people who have worked in the industry for donkeys (50 – years joint that is), we know how to communicate with people in a personalised manner,  we are experienced at the pitfalls,  experts in managing the expectations of clients, lenders, and solicitors.  Most importantly we put passion into the forefront of everything we do to give the best possible solutions and services, not just for our clients, but for you too.

Ask yourself

Are you attracting enough business?
Are your current methods helping you to close sales with ease?
Are you providing a service you are proud of?
Are you generating repeat business and referrals?
Are you feeling confident enough to continue the journey alone, or are you interested to know what support we can offer you?